Lamborghini Diablo VT - 1995

Lamborghini Diablo VT – 1995

Lamborghini Diablo VT - 1995
Lamborghini Diablo VT - 1995Lamborghini Diablo VT - 1995
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  • The magnificent Diablo, named after the legendary and ferocious fighting bull that engaged in an epic battle in Madrid in 1869, stands as Marcello Gandini’s final Lamborghini. The car underwent continuous refinement each year since its introduction in 1990. The major reengineering that took place for the 1994 model year, where more than 25 percent of the 6,000 components were modified, was carried over to 1995.

    The 1995 Lamborghini Diablo VT introduced two significant improvements to enhance driver and passenger comfort: a lighter clutch and deeper, wider seats. The distinguishing technological trait of the Diablo VT is its use of an original variable four-wheel traction system. The Viscous Traction (VT) feature increases performance in conditions of low ground adherence that would normally render the vehicle less efficient with only rear-wheel drive capabilities.

    This automobile’s story begins with a visit to the Geneva car show in 1995. The first owner of the Diablo, Mr. M Andersson, encountered Lamborghini’s celebrated test driver, Valentino Balboni, and was invited to a track day at Imola. There, he met Robert Forstner, the official Lamborghini dealer of Stuttgart. The pair got along well and decided to start dealing Lamborghinis in Sweden. To celebrate, Mr. Andersson purchased this particular Diablo VT from Mr. Forstner’s dealership in Stuttgart. In the following year, 1996, during the Phillipe Charriol Trophy at the Anderstorp circuit, Balboni piloted the Diablo, afterwards expressing to Mr. Andersson that it was one of the very best Diablos he had ever driven—a generous compliment from someone who likely had driven Diablos more than any other man. The same year, the distinguished rear wing was also added to the car.

    In 2000, the car changed hands for the first time , and since then, it has been owned by three individuals, notably two long-time proprietors, one from 2002 to 2017 and another from 2017 to the present. During this period, the car has been sparingly used and has covered a mere 10,000 kilometers.

    The current owner has regularly serviced the car at EB AUTO, a workshop specializing in Ferrari and Lamborghini that MOTIKON trusts and closely collaborates with.

    In summary, we unveil a stunning Diablo VT, personally approved by Valentino Balboni himself, with an exterior paint in the lovely hue of Rosso Diablo, elegantly complemented by a black leather interior accented with red piping. The car is in overall great condition and has benefitted from a service done in late February 2024.


    1997-03-03 – 12,200 km – Service – EXCALIBUR

    1997-07-25 – Imported from Germany to Sweden

    2000-10-17 – Change of owner S. Kaiser

    2001-05-15 – 34,931 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2002-07-24 – Change of owner – Mr. L Johansson

    2003-04-30 – 37,484 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2006-04-05 – 41,211 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2009-05-11 – 43,361 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2010-05-07 – 44,169 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2012-06-05 – 44,253 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2017-09-04 Change of owner – Mr. U Johansson

    2017-09-07- 44,761 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2018-09-13 – 44,871 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2019-09-26 – 44,930 km – Service – EB AUTO

    2019-09-27 – 44,939 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2020-10-23 – Service – EB AUTO

    2021-08-26 – 44,991 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2022-09-09 – 45,051 km – Technical inspection in Sweden.

    2023-09-14 – 45,096 km – Technical inspection in Sweden. Inspection valid until 2024-11-30

    2024-02-29 – 45,121 km – Service – EB AUTO

  • Model Year 1995
    Mileage  45,123 km
    Transmission Manual
    Ext. color Rosso Diablo
    Int. color Nero
    Price 3 650 000 SEK

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