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Porsche 911 Restored by Bottini – 1966

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  • This is a Matching numbers example of a 1966 911 SWB, One of only 1709 cars produced in that particular model year, this 911 SWB represents one of the first 3500 911s ever built. It is presented in a stylish specification of Polo rot (6602B) paired with a black interior and pepita inserts.

    First delivered new in Jacksonville, Florida. The car stayed in America until 2015, when it was imported to Europe, During the same period the car was sent to Carrozzeria Bottini – a well known and respected Italian workshop with a legacy going back to 1947. They completed a full restoration of the car.

    Their restoration process consists of eight steps. First, they assess the car, checking if it has all its original parts and verifying the correspondence between the chassis number and the engine number. The second step is disassembly. Bottini completely strips the car, catalogs every part, and determines what possibly needs changing. The third step is Thermo Painting: each part of the chassis/bodywork complex is processed solely using heat. The paint is incinerated in a special oven without the treated pieces undergoing dimensional or mechanical alterations. The fourth step is tinnerwork, where Bottini performs the necessary metalwork. Afterwards comes the fifth step: preparation for painting. After applying a product against the “blooming” of the metal, essential for protection from atmospheric agents, the car’s bodywork is carefully finished to ensure perfectly homogeneous surfaces before applying a primer for the final paint. The sixth step is Painting, which takes place in the oven at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius for approximately 30 minutes. The seventh step is Interior restoration. The eighth and final step is reassembly, where Bottini puts the car together, now as good as new.

    Bottini documented the entire restoration process of this 911 SWB. Pictures are available upon request.

    After the restoration, the car was sent to Brockmann Kfz Sachverständige GmbH for a valuation. The 48-page valuation, resulting in €340,000, is included in the sale and can be supplied upon request.

    A chance to purchase a classic 911 in new condition, since its restoration it has rolled a
    mere 3500 km. The car can be viewed in our Uppsala showroom. A full list of the executed work, as well as history, pictures and videos can be sent in case of serious interest. Do not hesitate to get in touch.



  • Model Year 1966
    Mileage — km
    Transmission Manual
    Ext. color Polo Red
    Int. color Black
    Price 1 800 000 SEK


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