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Porsche 964 RS

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    In 1991, 18 years after the original 911 RS 2.7, Porsche decided to bring the iconic “RennSport” letters back. The RS was one of the first in a long line of porsche built for the road, but designed for the track. Based on the Carerra cup cars of the day, Porsche took an extreme approach to weight saving: adding thinner windows, removing sound deadening materials and with not a care in the world about luxury options – removed electric windows and air conditioning. They added lighter bucket seats, carpets and an option for magnesium wheels, which this car has. But the “clubsport” weight saving approach was not enough to make a true RS. Porsche also bumped the power output up to 264 horsepower, added a limited-slip differential and a lightweight flywheel. For better handling they also stiffened and lowered the suspension. Which gives the RS its iconic planted look.

    The result was not anything for the faint hearted, Porsche managed to create a true widowmaker, a real “drivers” 911. Built in only 2276 examples it is not only one of enthusiasts favourite Porsches, but also one of the most collectible models. A 964 RS truly belongs in any car collection.

    This 1992 911 RS, comes In the beautiful specification of a black exterior matched with a black interior and black and blue bucket seats, the car is equipped with the highly desired option of magnesium wheels.

    Delivered new to a Herr Höckmann in Dortmund, The car only stayed in Germany for two years before being imported to Sweden where it has spent the majority of its life. The car’s seven owners have all contributed to keeping the car in its extremely well maintained state, with documentation to prove it. Ingemar Persson, the last owner who bought the car in 2010, wanted the RS to be even more of a race car then it already is. He decided to have a Heigo Roll Cage and a six point harness installed. But that wasn’t enough, he had the brakes upgraded and tuned the engine for more performance while still keeping the car in its original shape.

    A chance to purchase an extremely well maintained Porsche 911 964 RS, a real “race car for the road” and one of the rawest 911s made. to sum it up: one of the all time great Porsches. The car is fantastically well documented and comes with a rich service history and a complete invoice and receipts folder. A full list of the executed work, as well as history, pictures and videos can be sent in case of interest. Do not hesitate to get in touch. The car can be viewed in our Uppsala showroom. 


    02-09-1993 Delivery to a Herr. Höckmann Sportwagen hülpert Gmbh & co

    02-11-1993 5100 km Service Dr. ing. h. c. F. Porsche

    25-08-1994 20,000 km Service Dr. ing. h. c. F. Porsche

    02-05-1996 Imported to Sweden

    27-09-1996 34,783 km Service Porsche bilforum Göteborg

    26-07-1997 Change of owner: Lars Åkewall

    27-10-1997 41,992 km Service JTI MOTORSPORT Helsingborg

    13-11-1998 48,289 km Service JTI MOTORSPORT Helsingborg

    20-05-1999 48,923 km Roadworthiness inspection

    04-04-2000 54,920 km Service JTI MOTORSPORT Helsingborg

    08-11-2000 61,580 km Service JTI MOTORSPORT Helsingborg

    22-05-2001 63,434 km Roadworthiness inspection

    24-04-2002 66,869 km Service New clutch JTI MOTORSPORT Helsingborg

    02-09-2002 69,875 km Roadworthiness inspection

    03-09-2002 Change of owner: Ulf Stenborg

    07-05-2003 Service Podium Racing 

    10-06-2003 71,323 km Roadworthiness inspection

    22-03-2004 75,832 km Service Podium Racing 

    15-07-2004 77,026 km Roadworthiness inspection

    08-12-2004 Change of owner: Pehr Abrahamsson

    03-05-2005 79,674 km Service

    27-09-2005 86,005 km Roadworthiness inspection

    2005-12-05 Change of owner: Christine Malm

    14-04-2006 86,219 km Service TA SPORTVAGN

    16-04-2007 93,109 km Roadworthiness inspection

    04-05-2007 93,768 km Service TA SPORTVAGN

    15-02-2008 101,329 km Roadworthiness inspection

    08-05-2008 101,675 km Service TA SPORTVAGN

    17-09-2008 106,201 km Roadworthiness inspection

    22-01-2009 106,355 km Service TA SPORTVAGN

    11-05-2010 111,509 km Service TA SPORTVAGN

    10-09-2010 110,711 km Roadworthiness inspection

    03-10-2010 Change of owner: Ingemar Persson

    19-05-2011 Service and maintenance: Oil and filters, brake fluid. Heigo Roll Cage and six point harness installed. TA SPORTVAGN

    04-01-2012 116,041 km Roadworthiness inspection

    10-04-2012 116,104 km Service and big maintenance: New camshaft kit, valve spring kit, Tunekit, Clutch, Packing kit, Oils and filters, brake fluid, cylinder head renovation. TA SPORTVAGN

    10-09-2012 124,522 km Service TA SPORTVAGN

    12-09-2012 Brake upgrade: Brake Discs, brake calipers, brake pads and brake fluid changed.

    26-09-2012 125,172 km Roadworthiness inspection

    04-10-2013 128,154 km Roadworthiness inspection

    09-12-2013 128,157 km Service: Oil and filters, brake fluid, brake tubing, wheelbolts. TA SPORTVAGN 

    06-11-2014 129,179 km Roadworthiness inspection

    28-04-2016 129,970 km Roadworthiness inspection

    08-06-2018 130,823 km Roadworthiness inspection

    20-03-2020 131,060 Roadworthiness inspection

    2021-05-03 131,299 Service: oil and filters, brake fluid, battery. TA SPORTVAGN

    16-05-2023 132,009 km Roadworthiness inspection

  • Model Year 1992
    Mileage 132,010 km
    Transmission Manual
    Ext. color Schwartz
    Int. color Black and blue
    Price POA

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