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We share the passion! We are a devoted team of experts who know and understand every aspect of acquiring and owning classics and modern classics. We have selected and gathered the best – let us introduce you to our team!


Showroom – Restoration – Workshop – Storage

Only pre-booked visits!


Restoration – Workshop – Storage – Racing 

Only pre-booked visits!


Storage – Racing 

Only pre-booked visits!

Motikon offers consignment och purchases of cars

We understand that it is often hard to let go. Once you have made up your mind, however, it is important to choose the right partner to execute the sale of your valued classic.

We treat sales and purchases with new clients as starting points, not closures. We hope you will join the many like minded enthusiasts who can trust in a long term relationship with us. This is our strategy to both find the right car for your next purchase but also the right buyer when you wish to sell. Selling through us is either by Consignment, where we commit all our resources into marketing your car, or by MOTIKON purchasing the car from you directly.


Buyers in our network, both in Sweden and abroad, are looking for cars like yours. With our experienced sales and marketing department we can attract interest and successfully close the deal on your behalf. We inspect your car, agree on sale price, our commission and what work needs to be invested before the car is ready to market to our discerning clients.
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MOTIKON Purchase

Discreet, easy and uncomplicated. As experienced and motivated buyers, this is our preferred way of doing business. Usually some cosmetic or mechanical work will be required to meet our demanding client expectations. But we take care of that. We inspect your car, agree on a price and buy it outright.  
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