Motikon - Showcasing car historys icons

Motikon has a drive, a passion for classic cars, and we want to preserve the great icons of the car industry’s history.  But that does not mean they belong in a museum. Our love for classic cars and historic motorsport comes from the joy of driving them.

At its core Motikon was born out of passion for vintage cars. But passion has no value unless you are able to share it with others. Motikon has the goal to become the hub for anyone who wants to do a deep dive into this beautiful world of vintage sports cars!

Cars have a utilitarian purpose, but that’s just the surface view. All vehicles have a story to tell, who the previous owner was, the intent behind the aerodynamic design. The connection between cogs, spinning axis & cylinders that are connected to the engine. 

We have an emotional connection to them, and view car icons like the Porsche 911 as fine aged matured whisky. They should be left to age and mature for some time.

But not hidden away to occasionally be ogled at. Fine craftsmanship and art should always be appreciated, so the best way to do that is to experience our drive for classic cars. Our mission is to safeguard these icons for future generations and let them experience the joy of driving a Jaguar E-type, Porsche 911 or Ferrari Testarossa!

The Inhouse Workshop at Motikon

When it comes to classical cars there can be a lot of hassle owning one. Especially if your vintage cars break down.

Besides the collection of classical cars and icons, our pride and joy is the workshop. Because we know from experience that not all workshops have the know-how to service classic cars.

Our thought behind the workshop was to make it so much easier owning vintage cars. To be on the forefront when it comes to service, inspection and maintenance of classic cars. Our workshop is purpose built with the latest equipment, staffed by skilled technicians whose experience is unmatched when it comes to maintenance.

No matter if you need a regular yearly maintenance job, have special requirements or in need of (rare) parts to your classic car. Our personnel have access to our resources and network of specialists, so we can solve almost anything car related.

Our clients can experience the joy of driving classic cars and have the confidence and security that everything will be fine.

Let Motikon handle the restoration

When it comes to the joy of driving a classic, many just want to leave it there and if you’re a massive car enthusiast who wants to restore a classic all by yourself. You can get all the Expertise and guidance, all under one roof.

Whatever your need, goal or perfect outcome is for your classic car. Motikons experienced team can help remove that little imperfection. Or treat your vehicle to careful rejuvenation.  

If originality isn’t too important for you, we’ll gladly help you personalise with no compromise to craftsmanship. And if you want a fresh start for your timeless icon, and to reach almost “new from factory standard”. Then we can do complete restorations that have a very high standard. 

Since we keep all  restoration projects in house, we can guarantee that the handle of your classic car is under work and never in transit. We are also conveniently located, so can either let us handle the entire process. Or you can be as involved as you wish to be.

When it comes to repairing classic cars or restoring classic cars, it pays to do it correctly from the start. Whether recommissioning or complete restoration, Motikons In house experts & network of  international specialists that ranges from master engine-builders to traditional metal work artisans. 

No car owners are the same and we all have different needs and wishes when it comes to classic cars. Therefore we tailor our services out of your wishes & goals. We advise, plan and execute the most suitable approach for you and your vehicle.

Purchase, sell or consign a valued classic

We understand from experience that it’s hard to let go. Once you’ve made the decision, it’s of importance to choose the right partner to finish the sale of your valued classic.

Sales & purchases with new (and old) clients are not end points, Motikon views it like starting points, not closures. Our endgame is to foster and create an enthusiastic community with many like minded enthusiasts who can trust in a long term relationship with us.

This is our strategy to both find the right car for your next purchase but also the right buyer when you wish to sell. Selling through us is either by Consignment, where we commit all our resources into marketing your car, or by MOTIKON purchasing the car from you directly.


Our cultivated network in Sweden and abroad, are allways on the hunt for cars like yours. With an experienced sales and marketing department we can find interest that will lead to a successfully closed deal on your behalf. 

We inspect your car, agree salesprice, our commission, what work needs to be invested before the car is ready to market to our discerning clients.

MOTIKON Purchase

Discreet, easy and uncomplicated, As it should be. The team of experienced  motivated buyers will handle the purchase with finesse. our preferred way of doing business. cosmetic or mechanical work may be required to meet our demanding client expectations. But we take care of that. We inspect your car, agree on a price and buy it outright. 

Experience the Joy of Historic Motorsport

Le mans, Angoulême, the Nürburg ring (that should be bombed according to TopGear’s James May) are all hallowed ground among racing circuites for any vintage motorsport enthusiast in the world.

Our focus on racing is because our dream vision is to be the mainstay team in this wonderful community. Motikons involvement in historical racing is to be a jumping on point for beginners and also be the jumping off point to professional.

Vintage motorsport is fun! And anyone who wants to experience the joy of driving a finely tuned sports car icon should have the opportunity to do so. Our focus with this is to make historic motorsport  accessible with a modern feel that has performance in mind.

Because what’s the point preserving a sports car icon if you can’t see or feel how they drive? That’s why we love and are heavily involved with historic motorsport. We act as an access point for people who want to be eligible for historic racing. Historic sports cars should be more accessible for those who want to get into the sport. But with a modern feel and focus on performance.

Welcome to Motikon

Filip Larsson